Polycrystalline Modules

Monocrystalline Modules


Black edition

Special aesthetic appeal of the photovoltaic power plant can be achieved by installation of full black modules. The cells, back sheet polymer and the frame are painted black. Only ribbon remains metallic. The modules are available in 48 or 60 cell versions.


Transparent and black edition with Solrif frame

For building integration where installation requires natural lighting, this can be achieved using modules with transparent backsheet in mono technology. Transparency is around 10%. These modules are available in 48 or 60 cell versions with Solrif frame technology.

PV – Bus stop series

Solvis developed a new product as a result of the joint efforts on creating an innovative Croatian green energy solution: citylight lighting system on bus stops powered by PV modules. PV-Bus stop series are autonomous, stand alone solar powered LED lighting systems for City lights. Our first 9 solar powered bus stops was recently installed in Varaždin. It consists of…


Special products

SOLVIS succeeded by continuous investment into research and development. We gathered experienced team of professionals capable of handling challenging tasks in development of new sophisticated solutions. By developing new processes within module production and designing custom made solutions, we are able to meet clients’ needs. Implementation of new technologies also requires high level of expertise in production. This allows us…


BIPV Gas station

SOLVIS developed a brand new and unconventional approach for finding new methods for solving future challenges and for gaining experience in operating systems that are not current industrial standards thus promoting efficiency improvement of these technologies. Based on our experience, we applied these elements in the first integrated BIPV gas station. Besides its shading effect, a 195 square meters of…


Yacht modules

Additional improvements were implemented in shipping industry by producing in-deck integrated special shape modules. These modules were integrated on a yacht sun deck area and are used to produce electricity. Special dimensions and size with specially cut glass are fine details that distinguish these products from any other on the market