Aluminium Junction Boxes

The Aluminium Junction Box greatly improve safety, performance and life time of your photovoltaic system:

  • this revolutionary Aluminium Junction Box integrates two normally opposite processes: optimal heat dissipation and electrical insulation,
  • diodes are placed right onto the Aluminium Junction Box in order to dissipate heat into the aluminium and simply release it into the ambient. Electrical insulation is provided by heat dissipating silicone rubber hoses around the diodes,
  • a pressure compensation vent enables humidity to exit the Junction Box, avoids long-term contact corrosion and maintains an optimal air pressure towards the lamination,
  • Aluminium Junction Box will greatly reduce the danger of a diode failure, consequently reducing the risk of underperforming modules, hot spots and fire hazards,
  • ambient resistance of aluminium guarantees the serviceability of the Aluminium Junction Box throughout its lifetime.