Back sheet

The PV backsheet is designed to protect the inner components of the module and electrical components from external stresses as well as act as an electric insulator. In order to accomplish this, the solar back sheet must be a robust construction in layered laminate, and have high dielectric properties.

  • Are easily cleanable, chemically resistant and provide a very strong “tear bond” to EVA encapsulants. Have exceptional stability under damp heat and freeze-thaw conditions. Extended damp heat testing has shown superior retention of bond strength for all layers of the laminate.
  • Have a traditional three-layer design using only the highest quality materials.
  • Superior adhesive and laminating technology provides exceptional bonding of all layers in the PV backsheet.
  • Are certified by TÜV or VDE for partial discharge (IEC 60664-1) and were the first to receive UL recognition under file QIHE2, Photovoltaic Polymeric Materials Component.