PV – Bus stop series

Solvis developed a new product as a result of the joint efforts on creating an innovative Croatian green energy solution: citylight lighting system on bus stops powered by PV modules. PV-Bus stop series are autonomous, stand alone solar powered LED lighting systems for City lights.

Our first 9 solar powered bus stops was recently installed in Varaždin. It consists of photovoltaic panels that collect sunrays to power the city light LED lighting.

The main purpose of the project was to design and construct a solar powered lighting system which would be equally easy to implement both on the new stops as on the already existing ones. Our goal is to provide a practical and cost effective usage of solar energy that will give the broader population an opportunity to learn about the feasibility of utilizing the solar energy in our cities, residential and office buildings.

Power Requirements

Power consumption of the LED display lighting was carefully monitored and measured during 6 months of the research. The results show that it is possible to provide the adequate illumination with 18-20 watt LEDs with total daily energy consumption up to 200 watt hours. Our system has the autonomy of four days of uninterrupted power capacity and is capable of charging the energy required for one day power consumption within 12 hours.

Design and operation

We suggest the components to be located above the shelter, so they are protected from possible vandalism. The solar electric panels are mounted on a solid frame which is easily fixed to the existing bus stop construction. System controls are installed in a weatherproof enclosure of clear Plexiglas under the solar panels and the batteries in a sealed enclosure under the solar panels. The operation of the system is automatic. When the sun is shining the solar panels will convert the sunlight into electricity. The system wiring will carry the power through the charge controller and to the batteries. The light controller will turn the lights on at dusk and turn them off at dawn. The LED displays will get their power from the batteries continuously having medium system lighting time of 10 hours.

Why choose PV-Bus stop series?

Illuminating bus stops increase passenger security and the perception of safety for public transport users at night time. Choosing a solar option implies instant installation, no traffic disruption and eliminates the cost and delays associated with traditional grid connection.

It is also an ideal choice for all those requiring an elegant and practical solution which is both cost effective and reliable.

Solar powered LED lighting systems provide the local authorities the opportunity to install illuminated bus stops wherever they are required, including the remote areas where mains electricity is not an option. This design releases no emissions and saves energy whilst not compromising the comfort or security of public transport users. The ability to regulate the output of the LED drivers ensures that the system operates at optimum performance throughout the winter season.

The Benefits of the Solar Bus Stops Lighting

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates light pollution
  • No delay for grid connection
  • No disruption to traffic or pedestrians
  • Instant installation
  • No utility bills
  • High reliability
  • LED lifetime 50,000 hours
  • Illuminated waiting areas enhance public safety
  • High threshold of Vandal resistance
  • Ability to place the customer’s ads with no need to plug into the grid


  • Programmable on/off lighting times
  • Range of lighting options to meet specific requirements

Small steps like this make a big difference!