Solar glas

Solar glass achieved significant advantages for applications in photovoltaic modules:

  • the raw materials for solar glass are free from colouring oxides. Iron oxide is present in very low concentrations minimizing optical losses in the glass with solar transmission above 91,8%,
  • the composition of the glass is carefully chosen so that long term durability (> 25 years), without changes in the optical and technical characteristics is guaranteed,
  • the edge working of the grinded glass edges of each solar glass is optimized in the particular C-edge form and the glass has undergone a special heat treatment (tempering process) in order to guarantee the long term flexural strength and resistance to hailstorms,
  • with structured surface the concentrated dazzling is significantly reduced in order to limit direct reflection and hence reduce dazzling to a minimum. The consistent appearance of the glass is guaranteed in so far as the reflection characteristics of the glass are constantly monitored.