Special products

  • SOLVIS succeeded by continuous investment into research and development. We gathered experienced team of professionals capable of handling challenging tasks in development of new sophisticated solutions. By developing new processes within module production and designing custom made solutions, we are able to meet clients’ needs. Implementation of new technologies also requires high level of expertise in production. This allows us to implement the latest technology advances in production of our products.
  • BIPV (built-in) modules can be ordered with frames fitted for roof integration in plain metal or any RAL colour. They are intended for building integration replacing the conventional roof covering of pitched roofs. Whether as a part of a roof or covering an entire roof, use of such a frame is highly flexible both on new building and for retrofitting.
  • Installed on a simple wood or metal batten structure, these solar roof tiles replace regular roof cover. Photovoltaic system may cover complete roof or only a portion of it.